Can Anyone ID This MG-TC Driver?

From Bill Tibbetts:   "I've been racking my brain trying to remember the name of this mechanic at Continental Motors in Whittier, who used to race a modified blown TC in the fifties.  It was painted blue and white.  I am not sure, but his number might have been 117."

(7-24-08)  From historian Ron Cummings:

"I never saw a photo of Harold Erb nor did I ever see him  in person. But, I saw him beat D-Types, Ferraris and big-engined specials with his blown MG TC. This might be him.  I am pretty sure his TC became the Mickey Thompson/Cunningham Tempest Spl."

(7-24-08)  From Bill Tibbetts:

"Googling Harold Erb MG ties him nicely to a blown TC, and Pete Woods, and Fred Woodard.  They all hung out a Continental Motors in Whittier.  So, I will put my money on the mystery driver being Harold Erb."

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