Brave?  Or Crazy?  Crewman (Or Spectator) Runs Across Racecourse

This was probably at Santa Barbara on May 19, 1957.  Duffy Livingstone in the "Eliminator" won the "Formula Libre-Formula III" race on Saturday, May 18th.  Terry Hall finished 2nd in a Talbot-Lago Grand Prix car.  Seven of the eight Formula III cars entered DNF'd, with only Jean Geslin surviving to finish 3rd in a Cooper-Norton.

But that was in the rain on Saturday.  Under Sunday's clear skies Livingstone ran the "Eliminator" in an unusual event called the "Semi-Main".  This race featured a mixed field of single-seat "formula cars" and "modified" sports cars with engine sizes ranging from Jack Breskovich's Class "B" Cad-Allard to various 750cc Class "H" cars.  John von Neumann won this race in his Ferrari 625TRC with Bob Drake 2nd in Joe Lubin's 1500cc. Cooper- Climax "Bobtail"and Elliot Forbes-Robinson Sr. 3rd in a Class "F" Modified Lotus.  Livingstone finished 5th  behind Breskovich's 4th place Allard.

This photo probably was shot during the "Semi-Main" on Sunday.  The runner is very likely a crewman rushing to help with the Formula III car stalled across the course.

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