Fred Woodard: "Pickford" Jaguar Special -- Riverside (?) 1957

This car had a long career in Southern California racing.  One of many attempts to utilize Jaguar power with a much lighter chassis, Bill Pickford built it in the early 1950s. 

Don Hulette drove it after Woodard, first with Jaguar, then with Chevrolet power.

Its last appearance was at Riverside, entered by Paul Cunningham for the "L.A. Times Grand Prix" on October 13, 1963.  Cunningham called it the "Wide Track Special", and indeed it had a very wide track, and a Pontiac engine.  It didn't qualify for the 200 mile main event.

(12-1-13)    From author & historian Jim Sitz:

"Pickford Jag... saw it NEW in 1953... then reddish/orange.

This is Santa Barbara…but not sure if Jag or Chevy power."

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