Spencer Trenery -- 1961 Ferrari TRI/61 /  Randy Hill -- 1956 Lotus Mk.11

Everyone knows that Trenery's car isn't a "real TRI/61: there are only two real ones:  

#0792 won the 1962 Sebring 12 hour race with Joachim Bonnier and Lucien Bianchi driving, and is now owned by Ralph Lauren.  

#0794 won LeMans in 1961 with Phil Hill and Olivier Gendebein driving, then Pedro Rodriguez won the 1961 Governor's Trophy race at Nassau in the car.  In 1963 Dick Hahn of Yakima, Washington acquired #0794 and campaigned it with Stan Burnett driving.  For 1964 Bev Spencer bought the car and raced it in Northern California events with Frank Crane and Bill Sherwood driving.

It was owned for decades by Peter Sachs, and is now owned by "Scuderia N.E."

(I saw #0794 run in 1964 with Crane and Sherwood driving; it was as beautiful as Trenery's car plus it had the full-on Testa Rossa scream from it's raced-tuned engine.)

4-30-15   From Elva Mk.6 driver Tom Thinesen:

"The Lotus 11 was actually driven by Randy Hill.  Jeff Garrett is no longer the driver of this car.  The car is owned by Verna Griffiths."

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