Innes Ireland  (?)

Not sure of this ID.  Ireland wasn't entered in the main event: he may have run a preliminary race, or been on hand as a possible backup, or he might be scoping out the venue in anticipation of the upcoming F1 USGP the next month.  Anyone?

(11-22-14)   From Author & Historian  Lee Raskin:

"Looks like Innes Ireland to me....."

(11-22-14)   From Historic Racer Dick McGovern:

"Pretty sure it is Ireland. Drove a Fjr there I think!"

(11-22-14)    From Website Contributor Jim Hawes:

"Innes drove the 2nd Team Lotus (Lotus 18 Climax) at Riverside in 1960. He finished 2nd to Stirling Moss in Rob Walkers Private entry Lotus. Jim Clark drove the other team car but pitted and was laps behind. First race at Riverside with my dad (I was 14). Fond memories."

(11-28-14)   From Author & Historian Willem Oosthoek:

"I am pretty sure that the person you ID as Innes Ireland is in fact another Scotsman: Wilkie Wilkinson, the chief mechanic of Ecurie Ecosse. They brought a Cooper Monaco for Roy Salvadori."

(11-29-14)   From Author & Historian Lee Raskin:

"Spent several hours looking at images of both Wilkie and Innes...who actually resemble each other in stature and profile. I concluded that when this image (above) was taken in 1960, Wilkie would have been 57 and Innes 30 years of age...that Wilkie was losing his hair in the back of his head....Innes wasn't. Although Davis's photo shows the individual wearing a Dunlop driving's not out of the possibility that Wilkie could be wearing one, although the chief mechanic's suit/overalls usually had a collar with wings. Sir Stirling is still alive and could ID the photo.

However, I'm changing my mind from Innes to Wilkie -- who was a great racing mechanic in the day. To be a decent motorsports can can never have a closed mind for new knowledge...vroom, vrooom!"

(11-30-14)   From Author & Historian Lee Raskin:

I once read about Wilkie..recalled that Graham Hill hired him for the F1 BRM team in the 60's. We didn't see too much of him outside of F1 at Sebring, Riverdide and Watkins Glen.

His eyes look exactly like the photo you have. The driving suit fooled me initially... and I wouldn't have thought about Wilkie at all.

BTW..I won the first Vintage Motorsports World Trivia Contest in 1993/'94 against Ernie Mendecki, Michael Lynch, Joe Pendergast. Love answering motorsports trivia photos and races. Figured out most of the James Dean mysteries/urban folklore."

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