Augie Pabst -- Meister Brauser Scarab / Jim Jeffords -- Maserati Type 61 "Birdcage" Longtail

Pabst finished 3rd in the Scarab and might have won if the race had lasted one lap longer.  Winner Krause ran out of gas on his victory lap, and Pabst was gaining fast on 2nd place finisher Bob Drake in Max Balchowsky's Old Yeller II and could have caught him.  Jeffords finished 4th in his streamlined Maserati LeMans racer.

(11-24-14)   From Jim Cordero:

"On your new Riverside '60 G.P. display, I think that on the top right hand photo of Augie Pabst and Jim Jeffords, you should make note of the clearly visible freeway 
traffic on Highway 60 that is so close to turns 6 and 8. Sadly only the traffic
remains. All those folks just driving on by not realizing such racing was going on to their right!

The current issue of Vintage Motor Sport has a very nice piece on Riverside by
Pete Lyons. It's great in it's own right and is a preview of his new Riverside book.

On your section dedicated to " Old Racetracks, " take a deep look at the outlines
of Riverside and of Vaca Valley. The visual similarities etc. If you flipped Vaca over
it would almost lay onto Riverside. Now click on below and scroll to Del Mar outline. 

It's not going to change the world but its still pretty neat for the select few that care"

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